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Three Simple Steps To Higher Profits

Just follow these three quick & easy steps and you'll have the best version of your landing pages and sales pages

Add Your Website

Just type in your website address and we'll give you a small snippet of code to add to any or all of your webpages​

Configure An Experiment

You can experiment with any element on your webpages or with any two URLs on your website

Make It Rain!

Use a shortcode where you want your element to appear and we'll auto-magically show different versions until there is a clear winner

Optimize Your Business

Learn how KuickSplit will help you see a higher profit margin using the online assets you already have

Grow Intelligently​

Your web pages deserve to be the best version of themselves as possible. The most effective way to improve them is to test, test, test everything. KuickSplit makes it easy to test almost every element on your websites, giving you the peace of mind that your business will always put it’s best foot forward on the web.

Test With Confidence​

When you decide to test an element with two variants, you can rest assured that they will be tested thoroughly and without prejudice. Once a determination is made, you’ll know that you made the right choice based on what resonates with your audience. No more guessing at what works!

Test Anything...Anytime

Need to decide which color button people click on more? What about which call-to-action inspires higher conversions? Start with your headline and move down the page making sure that each element converts better than it’s predecessor. What about testing two totally different pages? Sure you can! With KuickSplit, you won’t be limited testing only one aspect of your webpages. Test almost anything at any time!

Choose Winning Versions Automatically Or Manually

We won’t force the way you choose the winning version of an element. There may be times when you want to automate the choice by number of conversions or by a specific date…or, you may just want to let an experiment run until you want to stop it manually. Either way, rest assured that you’ll always be choosing a winner!

We Give You More

When you login to KuickSplit today, you'll enjoy these amazing features right out of the box

Use Your Own Webpages

The whole idea behind KuickSplit is that we provide a way for you to split-test elements on pages you are already using on your own websites.

A/B Test Several Elements At Once

Sometimes things you'd like to test are related to each other, like text for a price and the actual link to a checkout page...KuickSplit let's you do that.

Flexible Options To Choose Winners

You decide how you want your winning elements to be chosen: by date, number of conversions, or even choose them manually - your choice.

Support For Any Page Builder

Whether you're using WordPress or page builder software like Leadpages, ClickFunnels or Unbounce, KuickSplit will help you choose what works.

Actionable Analytics

Make more informed decisions knowing about your traffic with each experiment. Never guess at what's working and what's not.

Even Test Entire Webpages

We've recently included a feature to test complete webpages against each other making sure that you have every option available!

Dear Marketing Entrepreneur,

Marketers, salespeople, and professionals everywhere are starting to understand that one of the simplest ways to boost landing page and sales page conversion rates also happens to be the most effective.

That’s why businesses everywhere are dedicating more and more of their budget to the powerful and relatively pain-free method of optimization known as split-testing.

You hear about testing different elements of your websites all the time...

But, it's tougher than it sounds. Just how do you test a button color; or a headline?

Although split-testing is clearly a necessity, doing it correctly with your website is quite a challenge without the right tools.

That's why we created KuickSplit! We wanted to make it as easy as possible for a business owner with a presence online to optimize their webpages to get the best bang for their buck.

Scroll down the page to see how we've made that a reality for you.


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How Can We Help?

You've got questions - we've got answers

  • Can i use it on more than one site?

    Yes, of course! We know that you might have multiple websites…and we don’t want to restrict you in terms of choosing the best elements for your businesses’ success.

  • Do I have to know how to code?

    Not at all! All we ask that you do is copy and paste some code to your websites so that we can do all the magic behind the scenes.


    Right, so this is a common question; but we understand the need to test more than one element. See, some of the elements you want to test go together. You may want to change the text of the price AND the checkout page for that price.

    The way our experiments work is that you can “group” many tests together…just make sure that they are all part of the same thing you’re testing. Never test two elements that are not related. For instance, you don’t want to test a headline and the price at the same time. Test versions of your headline; then when you have the best version of that, you can test the price separately.


    Great question! We actually give you three ways to determine the winner of a test:

    First, you can pick a winner automatically by choosing an end date. This means that by the date you choose, the system will automatically present the winning element from that date forward.

    The second way to automatically choose a winner is to set a number of conversions. So when your target page has been rendered 50 times, SplitDyno will choose a winning element and show that element from that point.

    Finally, if the above options do not meet your needs, you can turn off the option to choose a winner automatically…and just choose a winning element yourself whenever you like!

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